Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Ships (Relationships)

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Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Ships (Relationships)

One peculiar thing about Big Brother Naija is that there are always love stories among housemates. A “ship” is the appellation Big Brother fans use to refer to love relationships in the Big Brother house. This Shine Ya Eye season is definitely not an exception as some ships are brewing already.

Some of these ships may sail at the beginning of the show, some may only sail halfway through the show or almost at the end. Some may not last till the end of the show or may clash shortly after the show but some may even lead to marriage. For example, Teddy A and Bambam from season 3 (Double Wahala) fell in love in the house, got married after the house and they now have a baby together. Gedoni and Khafi from season 4 (Pepper Dem) fell in love in the house, got married after the show, and are now expecting a baby.

Would any ships this season possibly lead to another marriage? Well, let’s wait and see.

First, let’s look at some of the ships slowly forming in the Shine Ya Eye house.

Sammie and Angel

There’s something brewing between Sammie and Angel and it is something the organizers of the show think might earn them the coveted (by their standards) ‘First Ship of the Season title.

Sammie and Angel have got many fans talking about their shenanigans, and even though it may be too early to tell, we just may have a lot more to talk about the duo in the next couple of days!

On Monday night, Sammie and Angel decided to spend some quality time away from the main house. While in the garden, Angel told Sammie she was tired and her feet hurt and lover boy Sammie decided to become her personal masseuse and went to work, kneading all the stresses of the day away. Angel opened up about her life outside the House and Sammie seemed to be heavily into the conversation – and took his time. Angel clearly enjoyed all Sammie’s efforts.

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Their fellow housemates seem to be noticing the chemistry too and have said they look really good together.

Saga and Nini

Saga seems to be liking the very beautiful Nini very much. Nini seems to be the only housemate Saga has had his eyes on since Sunday when the ladies walk into the house.

On Monday, during the very first Diary Session of this Season, Saga confessed to Big Brother he couldn’t keep his eyes off her when she walked and has been making efforts to talk to her. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like Nini was interested as she blew him off a couple of times. 

“I liked her face and the way she looked and hoped we could be friends. I didn’t feel it hit me back though. I gave her my best moves, but she didn’t seem interested. Later she said she has a boyfriend, so maybe that’s why?” Saga rhetorically asked Big Brother. Biggie, however, was ready with a clever retort of his own. “The heartbreaker gets his heartbroken” Biggie told Saga. Saga told Biggie he wouldn’t partner up with Nini, but it doesn’t seem so from his actions.

It would seem as though Saga genuinely likes Nini, or should we say love?

Although Nini was cold towards Saga at the beginning, they seem to be there for each other when they need to. Saga always try to be around her as much as he possibly can and they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Two days ago, Nini asked Saga if he has a girlfriend and he told her “No, I am single. My last relationship ended recently.” Saga says he is single and ready to mingle, even sacrificed his meat for piece of chicken at launch. When Nini complained about a weird neck pain that was stressing her, Saga quickly jumped at the opportunity to take care of her neck.

According to Nini, Saga has magic hands and she felt instantly better when Saga helped her with her neck. Nini has also promised to cook something delicious for Saga when they have the right ingredients.

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Although Nini remains adamant she is not interested in pursuing a relationship because she is in one already, Saga is very clear about his intentions and it is still very early. Only time will tell if she will change her mind and give this ship a chance to sail.

Pere and Jackie B

Pere has clearly said he has had three heartbreaks and is not ready to get into another relationship but his actions around Jackie B say something else.

Pere and Jackie B have been having prolonged eye contact, and lots of one on one time, and seem to be getting really close.

Yesterday afternoon, when the Shine Ya Eye housemates were on one of their task breaks, Pere and Jackie B sat together and chatted about love and relationships, as well as what they have been through. Pere opened up to Jackie about how he is always very careful when it comes to relationships because of heartbreak. “I’m shy and I shield my emotions. I’m actually a sensitive, emotional person. I’m a Cancer,” he said. Jackie B on the other hand told Pere she is ready to find love again. 

Maria and Whitemoney

One of the ships fans of Big Brother Naija are anxiously expecting to sail through the sea this Shine Ya Eye season is that of 29-year-old realtor Maria and business owner WhiteMoney. The two seem to have a kind of ‘tom and jerry’ relationship in the house. They are always teasing and making fun of each other and may subconsciously fall for each other in the long run.

Pere and Maria

Pere also confessed during the “Tell who you like” game that he likes Maria. He says he is cancer (birth sign) and naturally moody sometimes and Maria is the kind of person he would like. This may just be a crush as well.

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