BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Week 2 Eviction Prediction

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BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Week 2 Eviction Prediction

It is week 2 in the Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” house and we will withness the first eviction for the season.

This week, four housemates are up for possible eviction on Sunday. They are Yerins, Beatrice, Yousef, Niyi and Whitemoney. Atleast, one of the nominated housemates will be evicted come Sunday.

Who may be safe this week?


Whitemoney is arguably one of the housemates with the biggest fan bases this season. He is a free spirit and seem not to be bothered about anything, including the fact that he has been nominated.

Whitemoney says he thinks he has a 70% chance of surviving eviction this week and we think his chances are even higher. We predict Whitemoney will not only survive eviction this week but will top the voting poll.


Yousef seems to be quite a strong housemate too. Fans love him because he is humble and appears to be a free soul. It appears he is an all round good boy not only to his fellow housemates but to the fans as well.

Fans will definitely vote to keep him in the game this week and more so because they think he wouldn’t have been up this week if not of the Head of house’s veto power which came with a save and replace.

Who may be leaving the game this week?

Three housemates face the risk of being evicted this week: Yerins, Niyi and Beatrice. However, it is most likely that Big Brother will evict just two housemates.

Beatrice may actually not be evicted this week. Fans think she has been through a lot, from her tough background to her failed marriage. That’s why she is finding it very difficult to cope with her fellow housemates. So they think she should be given another chance to play the game.

This leaves us with two housemates: NIYI and YERINS. And we think these are the housemates who will be evicted this week. Most fans still find it very difficult to understand their game plan or what they are bringing to the table as far as entertainment is concerned. They seemed to be very reserved which is good but in this game, if you want to go far, you must be outstanding, there should be something different about you.

So we think YERINS and NIYI will be evicted this week.

This is just our eviction prediction. what is your own prediction? Please tell us in the comment section.

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