Angel And Sammie Fight (Video)

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The ship of Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” housemates, Angel and Sammie has finally sunk in the most unpleasant way as the two engaged in a heated argument a few hours ago.

The immediate cause of the gbas gbos between the two former lovebirds Angel and Sammie was a kis Angel shared with new housemates, Kayvee, the first night he came into the house on Sunday.

Sammie didn’t find this funny and said Angel is confused and doesn’t know what she wants; how can you be with one person now and then with another the next minute?

Sammie confessed he felt jealous and more so because Angel chose to kis a new housemate and not an old housemate whom he is sure they feel nothing for her. According to Sammie, Angel gave Kayvee the impression that she wants him.

Angel dragged Sammie for calling her nasty names and she reiterated that she doesn’t want him and advised him to go after his ideal woman. She added that she is not confused and knows what she wants and it is definitely not Sammie.

“You were slvt-shaming me. You said it. Stop lying. I would not come on live TV and lie.

“I actually knew this thing was coming because I would dress the way I want to dress like. I’m single. You can’t come here and tell me that I’m kisin* every guy here. I’ll kis whoever I want to kis. “I’m not with you. I’ll do what I want,” Angel

According to Angel, they were not exclusive and did not put a relationship label over whatever they had going on.

Angel also expressed her disappointment at some housemates because during the fight, they were laughing and nobody held Sammie for the disrespectful words he said to her.

It was definitely a lot of drama and you may want to watch the video to find out how it all happened.

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