BBNaija Eviction Prediction Week 3 – WhoWill Be Evicted From The Shine Ya Eye House This week?

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It is week 3 in the Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” house and we will witness yet another epic eviction this week – the second one for the season.

This week, six housemates are up for possible eviction on Sunday. They are Arin, Nini, Princess, Emmanuel, Tega, and Saskay. At least, one of the nominated housemates will be evicted come Sunday.

Who may be safe this week?

Following social media trends and our perceived fanbases and popularity of these nominated housemates. These are the housemates we think will survive eviction this week.


Emmanuel has certainly won the hearts of many fans of the show because of his looks. The former Mr. Africa is the youngest of all the boys in the house and has arguably not given fans any reason to vote him out.

He is currently in what appears to be a “situationship” with fellow housemate Liquorose and perhaps we should be expecting more votes from there – that is from Liquorose fans. However, it appears Liquolions are divided on this; while some think they should vote Emmanuel because of the “EmmaRose” ship, others think Emmanuel is not loyal to their queen and does not deserve their votes. Remember, Emmanuel nominated Liquorose as a wildcard in the first week of the show.

Well, at the end of the day, it appears Emmanuel still has a lot of fans out there to keep him in the house this week.


Fans love Saskay because she is a real African beauty and aside from that she is friendly and down to earth. In addition, Saskay is very strong and competitive when it comes to tasks. She gives it her all. Fans would love to keep her in the house this week because she is just a sweet soul.

Who may be leaving the game this week?

Still, following social media trends and our perceived fanbases and popularity of these nominated housemates, these are the housemates we think will be evicted this Sunday.


Unless otherwise, it appears Arin will definitely be evicted from the Big Brother Naija house this week. I mean fans have been praying to have Arin on the eviction block and finally they have her. So they will definitely not wait to have her out.

But why do fans really want Arin out though? Well, what do you think? My guess is as good as yours. Perhaps it is because of the 26 piercings on her face and other parts of her body; she is even called Lord of the rings because of that. Or maybe she is not just giving them the content, drama, entertainment and gbas gbos they signed up for.


I personally feel Princess could be quite an interesting person – I mean she is a taxi driver, that is rare for women and she seems to be a very spontaneous and realistic person. She wouldn’t force herself to speak English when she just wants to enjoy speaking Pidgin English.

However, it seems Princess is not really bringing out herself enough. Fans want to see that interesting and entertaining side of Princess but it seems she is just reserved and unbothered. I mean, she looks like someone who could be giving us a lot of drama but she apparently isn’t.

Now let’s look at housemates whose fate is not quite certain: Nini and Tega. If Biggy decides to evict just two housemates thi week, then it may just be Arin and Princess, but what if Biggy decides to evict three housemates? then the third housemate would either be Nini or Tega.

What if Biggy decides to evict four housemates, I mean there are still 23 housemates in that house and that is a lot. Well, if Big Brother decides to evict up to four housemates, it would be Arin, Princess, Nini and Tega.

Nini’s fate is not quite certain because some fans may want her out because it appears she is just tied up to Saga and then, there is Arin there as well. So perhaps she is not giving them the content they need. However, WhiteMoney‘s fans may save Nini because WhiteMoney consider Nini her daughter.

Tega’s fate is equally not certain because some fans may want her out for whatever reasons but she seems to be giving them the drama and gbas gbos they signed up for. So they may want to vote to keep her in the house.

Well here is our final prediction:

If two housemates, then Arin and Princess

If three housemates, then Arin, Princess, Nini or Tega

If four housemates, then Arin, Princess, Nini and Tega

That is just our prediction. What is your own prediction?

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Kindly share your prediction in the comment section and hope you have voted for your favorite.

1 thought on “BBNaija Eviction Prediction Week 3 – WhoWill Be Evicted From The Shine Ya Eye House This week?

  1. If It’s two people it will be Arin and Princess
    But if It’s three people Arin, Princess, and Tega
    But if biggie says is four people that is where Nini will come inn, That’s ARIN, PRINCESS, TEGA, AND NINI.

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