“I Don’t Care About The Impression You Have Of Me, There Will Be No Disrespect As Long As I’m HOH” Pere Warns Housemates (Video)

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“I Don’t Care About The Impression You Have Of Me, There Will Be No Disrespect As Long As I’m HOH” Pere Warns Housemates (Video)

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye current Head of House Pere recently had a meeting with his fellow housemates and it has got many talking. During the meeting, Pere told the others that he does not care what they think about him before he became Head of House but his office as Head of house comes with authority and respect must be accorded to him.

Here is what Pere said during his brief meeting with the housemates:

“I don’t care about the impression you have of me prior to me being the head of the house but my position comes with respect. But the Emblem on my neck signifies authority. So, there will be no disrespect as far as I am head of the house. We are not kids but adults, I hope I have made myself clear, Have I made myself clear?”.

Watch video:

This has got many fans talking. Some have described Pere’s head of house tenure as a military regime. They wonder if Pere considers his fellow housemates as kids.

Check out some of their reactions below:

“Principal addressing students. But the stubborn students refused to say “yes sir” to him after the, “have I made myself clear? ” Pere should be put up for eviction. I want to see something fess”

“We know sir as the HOD, HOH, as Big brother and Ebuka too, my friend getaaat.”

“Pere should be calming down oooHead of house which day and he is forcing respect. You don’t force respect. You attract itYou gain it. He should have spoken directly to maria not tagging everybody….. Mstew”

“Pere own is too much ooo. What’s all this nah? He came into the house with greed and jealousy. Na him type no dey like wen em neighbor dey progress”

“So out of all these guys in the house, nobody fit ask am who him d talk to like that.Them d fear am because na army man. Him feel say na barrack him d”

We are not in a military regime in big brother’s house pere, you are overdoing it, relax your rules or else you are leaving big brother’s house soonest

Omo ordinary head of House when them give this guy, he turn himself to Idaimi. Pere no be so them dey do things o

“Pere, this ur regime is too hard for my liking ordinary HoH u r acting as if u r God rules n regulations every day especially the mode of their Cooking, eating indomie as breakfast n they just brought them foodstuff day before yesterday, pere abi what is ur name r u trying to punish the housemate or what.”

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