Maria And Queen Fight Over Pere (Video)

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The Big Brother Naija Housemates seem to be given us a lot of gbas gbos lately especially with the coming of new housemates.

New housemate Queen had a heated confrontation last night with Maria over a comment Maria made to her during a game.

According to Queen in her explanation, when WhiteMoney was introducing Pere during the game, he described him as a strategic person and she agreed to the description but Maria got up and pointed her left hand to her saying that she has just been in the house only two days and she already knows Pere.

Queen didn’t find that funny and said she felt belittled by Maria’s statement and also added that it does not take a long time for one to know another person and when she confronted Maria about it in order to set things straight between them, Maria told her they can’t have a conversation.

As Maria walked away, Queen went after her shouting “Who are you? I called you to talk to you and you said you can’t have a conversation with me, who are you?”

Queen also told Pere about what happened and how she tried to talk to Maria calmly but she walked out.

Well Maria didn’t want to talk to Pere either. She told him to get out when he came to talk to her. She apparently blames Pere for the altercation.

Some fans blame Queen for the fight though. According to them, why would Queen call Maria to talk with her and then suddenly start raising her voice.

Watch video of the gbas gbos here:

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