Pere Finally Fires Whitemoney From The Kitchen, Says Kitchen Monopoly Is Unhealthy (Video)

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It seems the reign of the current Head of House of Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye,” Pere is sparking a lot of drama. Recently he demanded respect from fellow housemates as HOH and as if that is not enough, he has gone on to remove Whitemoney from the kitchen.

Recall that Whitemoney has been in charge of the kitchen and has been cooking for all housemates daily since the start of the show.

However, new Head of house Pere thinks it’s a strategy Whitemoney is using to get ahead in the game.

He addressed the situation this evening and this is what he said:

“Since we came into the house, for 2 weeks, you have been the one cooking every day, morning and night! I spoke to Big Brother about this, and he said it’s my decision to make.”

“I’m about to cut you some slack, so from now till Monday, somebody else will be in charge of the Kitchen. I know you are not complaining, but so you can just relax. If this trend will go on like rotation, week, one person handles one week, and another person’s handles a week, if the next head of house wants to carry on like that, then it’s fine, else it’s okay”

“The whole essence for this is to reduce kitchen monopoly, and I’m very direct with this! Kitchen monopoly is not healthy”

Watch video below:

Angel will now be in charge of the kitchen.

Pere says he is taking Whitemoney off the kitchen because he is cutting him some slacks but clearly there is more to this.

Pere had earlier told his deputy HOH, Maria that Whitemoney is using the kitchen as a strategy to get ahead in the game. According to him, by cooking for everyone, people will avoid nominating Whitemoney because they think they cannot survive in the house without him.

“I’m against the idea of one person cooking for everybody for the entire stay. It’s not logical because that creates a ‘you all would need me’ or ‘you all have to need me’ mentality, which is very detrimental. It is horrible and I don’t like that,” Pere told Maria.

Pere said that won’t work with him and he was going to frustrate Whitemoney out of the kitchen.

Well, it seems Whitemoney just enjoys cooking for the housemates. Last Sunday, he told Big Brother if he were to be evicted, he would miss the kitchen most because cooking for the housemate makes him happy.

Pere had earlier approached Princess to take over the kitchen but she turned the offer down.

Well, Angel is now in charge of the kitchen, let’s see how that go.

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