Nini Threatens To Dethrone HOH Pere With A Coup d’etat (Video)

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The reign of Big Brother Naija current Head of House, Pere seems to be generating a lot of interesting conversations due to his leadership style. Pere’s leadership style has been widely described by fans as a military regime.

Well, it appears the housemates themselves agree with the fans as one of them, Nini, while having a conversation with fellow housemates last night said what they are currently experiencing in the house is a military regime and they have to organize a coup d’etat to take over the head of house throne from Pere.

The housemates were seated at the dining with Pere and they had an opportunity to tell him what they think about his reign.

Nini went first as she asked a question. “Have you ever heard of what is called a military regime?”

Nini’s question got the other housemates laughing including Pere himself. Nini went on to say they will stage a coup d’etat to remove Pere from his position as the Head of House. Saga and other housemates agreed with her, adding that they will remove him and fill in the Deputy Head of House.

Pere later told them a story of one of his missions as an ex-US military soldier. We could also hear comments from housemates like: “Your children dem go hearam, dey go hearam.”

Pere however told them that they are not capable of dethroning him. Well, it should be noted that the housemates were just catching cruise.

Watch video below:
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