WhiteMoney Is Back In The Kitchen: HOH Pere’s Plan To Remove Him Fails

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Since Whitemoney left the Kitchen, fights have been constant in the house as there is apparently more hunger as a result of the house’s inability to manage the kitchen as expected.

Today, for example, housemates have been complaining that they have not eaten since morning and a hungry man is an angry man. This even led to a fight between Angel and Queen this evening.

Head of House, Pere however still insists that leaving Whitemoney alone in the kitchen is unhealthy and it is best housemates take turns to cook. According to him, it is Whitemoney’s strategy in the game.

According to Nini, if it is his strategy, then let it be his strategy and if he escapes nomination because of that, then he deserves it because it is more than stressful being in the kitchen every blessed day. When Maria said they can be eating food from just one person, Nini asked her if it is better to eat just one person’s food or not eat at all cuz she hasn’t eaten since yesterday.

According to Whitemoney, the situation can actually be managed and he has been doing that for over two weeks because he has been doing that out of the house and has experience in doing that.

Well, the housemates have said they want Whitemoney back in the kitchen and he is back. According to Whitemoney, he finds it baffling that he will be taken off the kitchen and replaced with people who are not experiencing in handling the kitchen, and yet not even led him give guidance to them.

HOH Pere has insisted that Whitemoney is using the kitchen as a strategy and this is a game and if the housemates want to shine their eyes, let them do so or else allow them smart ones play the game.

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