Who Is BBNaija “Shine Ya Eye” King Of Content?

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Who Is BBNaija “Shine Ya Eye” King Of Content?

This season of Big Brother Naija seems to be getting more interesting as the days go by. We seem to be getting the dram, gbas gbos, entertainment and content we signed up for.

Talking about content, who do you think is the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye King Of Content? Which male housemate do you think has given us the most content so far? It seems they are two main contenders for that position: WhiteMoney and Pere.

Since the start of the show, Whitemoney seems to be giving us a lot of content. He is fun, entertaining, selfless, hardworking and you name them. There is definitely a lot to talk about him and his story and journey are quite unique.

His constant presence in the kitchen has definitely generated a lot of content for us, especially the brouhaha between him and Pere; his removal from the kitchen by HOH Pere, and reinstatement by the housemates. Whitemoney seems to be one person in the house who always puts things under control.

We can’t forget the many times he has organized interesting games to keep the housemates and viewers entertained or his roles as mazi in dramas.

Pere has actually given us a lot of content as well. From being a wildcard making plays the wildcard game so well to being one of the most controversial Heads of house of all 6 seasons of Big Brother Naija, he has kept us entertained and wanting more.

The emergence as the Head of House for week three has unarguably given us the most content this week. He is a no-nonsense Head of House who wouldn’t tolerate any disrespect from fellow housemates.

Recall the moment Pere summoned his fellow housemates and told them he was not ready to tolerate any disrespect from them because his Head of House office came with authority. That kept fans of the show talking for days and that was content for us.

More content even came when Pere took off Whitemoney from the kitchen, saying kitchen monopoly is not good and Whitemoney is using the kitchen as a strategy. I wonder what has actually given us more content than this. That has even led to several heated confrontations in the house.

Of course, we can forget Pere’s interesting confrontation with Princess and his on and off situationship with Maria.

There is also Cross, the oracle of the truth or dare games.

And what about former Mr. Africa, Emmanuel?

And all other housemates: Yousef, Boma, Saga, JayPaul?

So who do you think has given us the most content this season? Vote as many times as possible and let’s find our King of Content for this season is.

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