BBNaija: All The Gist After The Saturday Night Party – 3 Ships Sink

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Just after the Saturday Night Party this week, three ships that some fans hoped would give them some lovely moments sank.  

First of these was the ‘friendship’ between Boma and new housemate Queen. Since the latter came, the two have spending some quality time together but last night, they engaged in a heated disagreement just after the Party came to an end. Queen literally stopped Boma from dancing with other people during the party by dragging him away. This made him react in a way Queen found hurtful. 

Right after the party, Queen reported the incident to Pere and Maria, saying she would never have anything to do with him again. Just as that was happening, Boma was in another part of the house saying he was not happy with what Queen did.

Talking to Emmanuel and Sammie, he said since he was not in a relationship with Queen, she had no right to tug his arm on the dance floor. Boma was also concerned about Queen putting him in a corner and isolating him from other ladies in the House.

After Boma was done ranting to the guys, he went over to where Queen was sleeping to have a conversation with her about the incident. Queen in the conversation claimed she was just joking with Boma and he overreacted. Boma responded however that what he did was wrong, and he did not like it. While the two had their back and forth, Queen said Boma always made her feel bad. Fellow housemate Cross feared the fight between the two will escalate and came to take Boma off Queen’s bed and out of the room.

The next ship we saw sink last night was that of Sammie and Angel (Samgel ship). In the early hours of Sunday morning, Angel called off whatever situationship she had with Sammie. Angel told him that she did not connect with him mentally and therefore could not be in a relationship with him. The two however had a sweet moment and shared a hug after Angel ended whatever type of ship they had.

The final ship that sank last night was that of Jackie B and Michael.

Jackie B had a quarrel with Michael as to why he had called fellow housemate Angel to rub his head the day before. In his defense, Michael claimed he had a migraine and simply called the first woman he could sight to give him a massage. Jackie however did not buy this explanation and said she felt disrespected by him calling on Angel when the entire House knew clearly well that she and Michael ‘had a thing’.

Michael wasn’t taking any of this and went into a rant as to how Jackie B was being subjective with her emotions and making assumptions based on what she feels and not what is confirmed to be true. The bickering between the two continued for another few minutes before they split to be with different people. Jackie B told Peace and Arin that she was not going to let herself be disrespected by anybody. Michael also spoke to Peace and made it clear that whatever was going on between himself and Jackie B had come to an end.

So many ships sinking in just one night. Well, we hope they solve whatever issues they have between them.

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