BBNaija Voting Poll Week 4 – If Whitemoney, Pere, Liquorose, Maria, Emmanuel, Angel, Saskay Were Up, Who Would You Save?

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BBNaija Voting Poll Week 4 – Shine Ya Eye Eviction Poll – Who is the strongest housemate so far?

It is week 4 in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye House. There is no eviction this week? However, let’s assume some of the strongest housemates this season were up for possible eviction this week. Who would you save and who would you send home. Scroll down, vote, and let’s see who may just be the next housemate(s) to be evicted from the Shine Ya Eye house. Remember, this is just an online poll.

This week, there are no nominations or eviction. Rather Head of House Maria has to convince fellow housemates that Big Brother has given her the power to evict two housemates on Sunday. She will do this with the aid of a scoreboard given to her by Big Brother to score housemates points and then will evict the housemates with the least scores on her board.

Maria is playing that game so well and most if not all housemates are convinced. She came out of the diary room crying and asking why she always has to be the one to make such difficult decisions. She is actually doing it well and her fellow housemates are falling.

There is no eviction this week but let’s look at some of the strongest contenders this season. If they were put up for possible eviction, who would you save and who would you send home. Our strong contenders are Angel, Pere, Whitemoney, Liquorose, Emmanuel, and Saskay.

So if these six housemates were put up for eviction, which housemates do you think will be going home?

Let’s find out who the strongest housemates for this season are.

Just click on vote, see results and click on “Back to Vote” to vote again as many times as possible.

Thank you for voting on the BBNaija Voting Poll for Week 4.

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Watch video of Cross’ diary session:

87 thoughts on “BBNaija Voting Poll Week 4 – If Whitemoney, Pere, Liquorose, Maria, Emmanuel, Angel, Saskay Were Up, Who Would You Save?

  1. We love you maria , grace and faver shall follow you all the days of your life . all the way from Pretoria soshanguve south africa

    1. Whitemoney , my love for u is unreplaceable , I and my family will continue to vote for u , till the end ..

      Whitemoney for the 90million 💴💵

  2. Whitemoney is the winner of this season 6, Whitemoney a child of grace which God has crown the winner, I pray for you today you will marg the winner of season 6 ijn Amen, money gang 💰💰💰love you

  3. It take only the wise 2 have wisdom, pere the only wise man in the house, the reason have sold their destiny for food,. love u till the end.

  4. Much love to angel.
    My sweetheart. May grace and Favour follow you everywhere, your enemies in the house will not succeed. I will watch you till day 72

  5. White money i so much love him and i will vote for him till the last day, white money for the money.

  6. White money for the money pls i have never seen a guy with a gud heart before but white is a true difinition of a good heart and i say yes to white money he is not going any where till big brother hand that 90m to him.

  7. Liquorose for sure,she’s winning dis game cuz she is born to winner,u know a winner when u see 1,I love u rose

  8. emmanuel till the last day we got you my nigga. the most handsome, gentleman who respect women, never gossip, successful business men.

    1. 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁 liquorose all the way. The reason I lose out on sleep because I’m glued to my tv, shuuu that girl 🌷🌷🔥🔥🔥

  9. None of them deserve to leave because they need to be given equal privileges just like every other person (get nominated and get voted in by fans). Believe me when I say, a human mind is very deceptive though I am not excluding my humble self Lol

  10. LIQUOROSE!!! she is amazing truly. Everything she does is with passion… her dancing is very expressive. She is a statement. I loved her the first day she walked on stage and did a little dance. She’s bold and beautiful. She is poetic and creative. I’ve been intrigued ever since. She is strong and soft. God bless her. #liquorose #liquo90Million for me she is fire very unique

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