Pere And Whitemoney Fight Dirty (Videos)

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Big Brother Naija season Shine Ya Eye housemates, Pere and White Money had a major confrontation in the house last night just after an interesting game.

Cross who was the oracle of the house games introduced a new game called Whispers. To play the game, a housemate will whisper a question concerning another housemate to the ears of another housemate. The housemate whom the question was whispered to will move to the other housemate who the question is about and ask him/her another question and so on. If any housemate who is playing the game wants to know what the question was about then the person will drink and the other housemate who has the question will tell him/her what the question was. However, the housemate who won’t be informed about the question is the person the question is about.

As the housemates were playing the game, a question was asked about Head of House Emeritus Pere and he was called up to ask another question but Pere being Pere insisted that he wanted to know the question that was asked about him. Hmmm? maka why nah? As he insisted, the oracle of the game had to stop the game. The question about Pere went through Maria, Emmanuel, Angel, and WhiteMoney before it got to him.

Pere was not satisfied with not knowing the question so he confronted WhiteMoney who he thought asked the question about him. WhiteMoney insisted he didn’t ask a question about him and this sparked a major gbas gbos in the house between Pere and Whitemoney.

This fight was epic and we just can’t start explaining every juicy detail. Pere even adjusted his belt as though he wanted to use it on WM.

You just have to watch the video yourself:

Watch videos below?

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