BBNaija: Liquorose’s Diary session – Week 4

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Big Brother: Liquorose, welcome to your diary session.

Liquorose: Thank you Big Brother.

Big Brother: How are you feeling today?

Liquorose: I feel tense.

Big Brother: On Monday, the house received the news of KayVee’s untimely Exit from the house. How did the house take this news?

Liquorose: it was devastating and sad. I noticed something was wrong with him but I didn’t think it was something that would make him leave the show. I didn’t see that coming. KayVee is a cool guy and I miss him.

Big Brother asks about Sunday’s eviction.

Liquorose: I didn’t see Arin going. feel weird and guilty because I put her up for eviction. I’m happy Emmanuel stayed. I try not to cry during the eviction shows. I just dress up and show up with a mentality that someone has to go. I haven’t been up for eviction so I don’t know how it feels.

BB: What do you think about your new HOH Maria?

Liquor: I think Maria is going to do well. I’m scared for her cos things get to Maria easily but I’m proud of how Maria handled the house yesterday.

BB: Let’s talk about Maria and her special power. What do you intend to do to impress her and ensure that you are in Big Brother’s house next week.

Liquorose: I’m not ready to go. Maria said in the morning that she’s trying her best not to be biased or put friendship first in her decision making. I’m just going to do my part to impress Maria. I’m going to respect Maria and not bank on our friendship to be saved.

BB: which Two Housemates do you think Maria would Evict on Sunday?

Liquorose: If I were Maria, Pere would be the first person on my mind. When Pere was HOH, he was very strict and asked for respect from the house but couldn’t give that respect to the current HOH. Pere bullied another housemate yesterday and that wasn’t right. Pere was lucky that there was no nomination yesterday – He surely would have been up for eviction yesterday. Queen would be the second person on Maria’s mind.

BB: What is the food situation in the house?

Liquorose: We aren’t doing well with food. The luxury shopping should be scrapped off so housemates can contribute enough money to get good general food for the entire house. Some housemates are eating in circles and Splitting foods while some get to order luxury.

BB: Would you like to discuss anything else with Big Brother?

Liquorose: I want big brother to address Pere’s action. It’s the third time he has acted that way to Whitemoney.

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