BBNaija: Maria’s Diary Session – Week 4 (Video)

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If you missed Maria’s diary session for week 4, Wednesday, August 18, you can catch up by watching the video below.

Summarily, Maria thinks when the housemates finally find out the nomination twist is a lie, they will wonder what her real personality is, considering she was a wildcard. This is the second time she has deceived them.

She thinks the food situation in the house is great as they have enough food to eat. She thinks she will also share the indomie like Pere did last week because that worked and everyone had enough noodles. Before that, some housemates were consuming much more noodles than others.

Maria says Angel has a character flaw she doesn’t like. It is baffling to her how Angel could be throwing herself at Michael, whom her friend Jackie B has told her she is clearly interested in. Maria adds that Angel has been doing same to Emmanuel, though she and Rose and not best friends but are cool.

She says she just doesn’t like Angel but she likes other aspects about her.

Big Brother asks Maria if she doesn’t think Michael and Emmanuel should have clearly told Angel about her boundaries.

Angels says yes, but she feels boys will always be boys; when something comes to them easily, they go for it.

“If boys will always be boys, then Angel will always be Angel,” Big Brother tells Maria as she concludes her diary session.

Watch video of the diary session below:

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