BBNaija: Whitemoney’s Diary Session (Video)

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This is Whitemoney’s diary session for week 4, Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

Big Brother: Hello Whitemoney

WM: Hello Big Brother

Big Brother: Welcome to your diary session

WM: Thank you Big Brother

Big Brother: How are you feeling today:

WM: I’m feeling Amazing, privileged and blessed.

Big Bro: On Monday, the house saw the untimely exit of one of the housemates, Kayvee, how did the house receive the news?

WM: it came as a shocker but was expected by some of the housemates. KayVee was so happy and happy to be in the house so him leaving was painful but either way big brother did the right thing cos things were getting out of hand. Kayvee was my guy in the house, I vibe with him and we did the drama in the arena together.

Big Brother asks about Sundays eviction…

WM: it was a shocker. I didn’t see it coming but it’s a game.

Big Brother: How do you prepare for the eviction shows?

WM: It’s not a good feeling. I always say count yourself blessed because what you do in the house is a reflection of what people outside see you.

Big Brother: What do you think about the tenure of your new head of house, Maria?

WM: Maria’s tenure is going well. I think it’s because of the power that comes with her reign. Everyone has been treating her well. Maria is very opinionated and when she talks everyone listens so things will go well.

Big Brother: Talking about Maria, she has a special power, what do you intend to do to ensure you are in Big Brother’s house next week?

WM: I have been myself. I’m not going to change anything or do something extra. If Maria thinks I’m not doing enough or sees me as a threat and evicts me. No problem.

Big Brother: Which two housemates do you think would be evicted by Maria?

WM: in the females – it would be Queen. Queen and Maria have a clash in personality. Just Two days after Queen landed in the house, they already clashed and they also had a clash two nights ago. So if Maria will be eliminating cause of who she’s has had clashed with then Queen is going. For the Males – it could be me or anyone else. If Maria sees me as a competition, she would definitely evict me. Maria and Pere already think I’m strategic with the Kitchen and this is a reason for her to put me up. Maria is cool with all the guys even with me but I think I may be the scapegoat.

Big Brother: What is the food situation in house?

WM: when Pere removed ME from the Kitchen, things didn’t go well but now that I’m back things are going well and Queen has been helpful.. JMK too. The food situation is perfect right now. I don’t think Pere should have removed me from that kitchen. He should have sent people to assist me rather than taking me out. He sent 5 people to the kitchen who could’t manage the kitchen.

Big Brother: Would you like to discuss anything else with Big Brother?

Yes biggie, I think you should assign me or someone else to sweep the diary room. I think we have used it many times.

Also, I would like to know what you think about the incident with Pere two nights ago. I’m still affected by the issue and am yet to get over the issue as I felt belittled. Pere made me feel belittled and that wouldn’t have happened outside the house. I have never felt so belittled like that in a very long time. Pere tried to bully me, unbuckled his belt. Stood over me and shouted at me about something I have no idea about. I felt disrespected. Maria called a meeting and asked Pere to apologize and he said he’s not going to apologize for nothing. I have already told him that we don’t have to be friends but during tasks we should maintain a professional vibe.

I’m already back to my normal self. I just wanted to get your view on this.

Big Brother: Whitemoney, Big Brother will look into this issue.

Watch video of the diary session:

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