BBNaija – Maria’s Diary Session, Friday – Week 4

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Big Brother asked Maria how she is feeling today.

She says she is not feeling fine today because of the mental health task. It reminds her about a personal issue, a brother who has been battling with mental health. When she was reading the script, the whole thing just kept coming into her mind. She was even sobbing in the diary room.

She feels the house listens to her because of the veto power. They actually feel she will evict two housemates

Big Brother has given Maria an additional task. On Sunday morning, she must address the house and announce her bottom 6 housemates to them and tell them to pack their bags and place them in the store.

About sponsored tasks, she has won some money and intends to rent an apartment with it. Going forward, she hopes she could actually choose her team members to give her a better chance of winning.

When Big brother asked Maria if she had any other thing to discuss with Big Brother, Maria tries to confirm from Big Brother that there will be no eviction on Sunday. Big Brother however did not give her any response. Instead, he told Maria to feel free to ask her fellow housemates for a massage.

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