Maria’s Eviction Scoreboard Leaks – Find Out Who Are Top And Lowest Housemates

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The scoreboard of Big Brother Naija current Head of house, Maria, has got viewers talking after a page leaked on social media.

Recall that on Monday evening, Big Brother told Maria that there will be no nominations this week, no public voting and no eviction on Sunday. She has to however keep the last part to herself and convince her fellow housemates there Big Brother has given her the Ultimate veto power to evict two housemates on Sunday.

To make it look real, Big Brother gave Maria a scoreboard to score housemates, based on how they impress her. So the housemates who impress her most will be at the top and the housemates who impress her least will be at the bottom. The two housemates on the bottom will be evicted.

Well, who do you think has impressed Maria most and who do you think has impressed her least?

According to the photo of the scoreboard, Boma has impressed Maria most as he is the highest with 70%.

Saga and JayPaul follow closely behind Boma as they have scored 65% each.

Her friend Liquorose is third with 60% alongside Peace, and Nini.

Here is Maria’s scoreboard:

It appears not all housemates featured on this particular part of the scoreboard but there are at least three housemates with the lowest score of 40%.

Maria seems to be playing this game so well. First, she excellently delivered the wildcard role and now she is helping biggie execute another part of his game and the housemates are falling for it. We wonder if any housemate would have done a better job. Seeing how good Maria is at this, was it a coincidence that Big Brother chose this fake Ultimate veto power twist the week Maria won the HOH title or not?

Remember, there will be no evictions this Sunday. Maria is just helping Big Brother pull a fast one on the housemates.

Here are some comments from fans:

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