Maria’s Bottom 6 Housemates For Eviction

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Big Brother Naija current head of house, Maria has finally revealed her 6 bottom housemates for the fake eviction this Sunday.

Recall that the current Head of House for this week, Maria, was told by Big Brother that there will be no nominations, no public voting, and no eviction this week.

However, she has to keep the last part to herself and tell her fellow housemates she has been asked to evict two housemates on Sunday based on how they impress. To aid her task, Big Brother also gave Maria a scoreboard to score housemates.

In addition, Big Brother told Maria to make her 6 bottom housemates on the scoreboard known to the house this Sunday, so they can pack their bags and place them in the storeroom.

Maria has finally made them known and they are: JMK, Emmanuel, Yousef, Angel, Jaypaul and Pere.

This is definitely a shocker to fellow housemates. They thought Queen will be on the list but Maria chose to be unpredictable. And then Pere???

If you were to save one of them from eviction, who would you save?

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