PERE’s Eviction Diary Session – Week 4

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This is PERE’s Eviction diary session for this week.

Big Brother starts by asking him how he is doing today.

Pere says he doesn’t feel good today.

Big Brother asks him why he thinks he is on Maria’s bottom 6 list.

Pere says he doesn’t know why Maria selected him for eviction, because he did all his house chores. He thinks HOH Maria selected him because of personal reasons.

Big Brother asks Pere if he was given an opportunity to replace himself with a fellow housemate, who would he save?

Pere says he will save himself and replace with Maria, because she put him in this position.

Big Brother reminds Pere that Maria is the Head of House and cannot be nominated.

Pere says he will save himself and replace with Boma.

Big Brotehr asks Pere to says goodbye to Big Brother.

Pere says he was happy to be in the BBNaija house, He enjoyed the task and opportunity given to him, He appreciates everything Big Brother has done for him.

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