BBNaija Eviction Predictions Week 5 – Here Are The Housemates Who Will Be Evicted

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It is week 5 in the Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” house and it is time for serious business – yet another eviction in the Big Brother Naija house.

This week, six housemates are up for possible eviction on Sunday. They are Pere, Maria, QueenSammieJMK, and Cross. At least, one of the nominated housemates will be evicted come Sunday.

Now let’s predict who will be evicted on Sunday and you have to trust our predictions because all the predictions we have done so far have been correct.

Who may be safe this week?

Following social media trends and how we perceive the fanbases and popularity of these nominated housemates, these are the housemates we think will survive eviction this week.


This is the first time she has been put up for possible eviction. Maria is used to putting others up for eviction (real and fake evictions) and now it is time for her to feel the heat, but guess what? Maria is going now where this week.

Maria is a very strong and competitive housemate and she knows how to play the game very well. Little wonder, Big Brother chose her to execute some of his key twists of the season; the wildcard twist, and most recently, the fake eviction twist.

Maria is not only competitive and a strong game player, but she is also very beautiful and talented as well, and oh! she is giving us the content we need. So why wouldn’t fans vote to keep her in the game? This week, we predict Maria will not be evicted from the BBNaija “Shine Ya Eye” house. She may in fact top the voting poll this week.


Major General Pere is finally on the chopping block. Due to his controversial Head of House reign, and his controversial personality, fans have been dying to have Pere on the nomination list, so they can send him home. However, I can tell you for free (In Mr. Macaroni’s voice), Pere is not living the Big Brother Naija house this week.

That is because Pere is by far giving us more content than most housemates in the house. That week he was head of house, we may not have loved his “military regime” but truth is, that week is arguably the most interesting and entertaining week in the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye house yet. The gbas gbos and drama kept us entertained.

Pere is definitely giving us content this season and fans would want to see more of that.


Cross is just a fun guy. He has never been up before and we don’t actually have much to say about him but we predict Cross will not be evicted from the Shine Ya Eye house this week, UNLESS Big Brother decides to evict more than 3 housemates.

Overall, Cross is entertaining and we think his chances of staying in the game this week are high.

Who Will be evicted this week?

Again, Following social media trends and how we perceive the fanbases and popularity of these nominated housemates, these are the housemates we think will be evicted this week.


JMK is definitely going home this week. Not that she doesn;t have much to offer but compared to the other housemates, she has been laid back. She isn’t doing much to want to make the fans vote for her.


Sammie is a cool and funny guy but unfortunately, he may not have enough fans to keep him in the house this week. Sammie will most likely get evicted this week.

What about Queen? Queen will not be evicted if only two housemates will be evicted. However, if three housemates will be evicted, then Queen would most likely be the third housemate to be evicted.

So here is our final prediction:

If two housemates, then JMK and Sammie.

If three housemates, then JMK, Sammie and Queen.

Kindly share your prediction in the comment section and hope you have voted for your favorite.

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