Cross’ Diary Session Week 5 – Tuesday – BBNaija

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Big Brother asks Cross how he’s feeling today.

Cross says he’s feeling a Thousand and one emotions.

About Sunday’s surprise and yesterday’s nominations, he says when he Wasn’t nominated he was happy until the Head of House picked him to replace Peace. He didn’t see that coming and he has been sad since yesterday.

He prayed about it This morning And he’s feeling better today. Cross says the punishment given to them This morning is taking a toll on him. He isn’t angry with Liquorose for putting him up because it is a game and it’s what she was asked to do. It’s uneasy for him but he’s respecting her reign.

Big Brother asks if the house deserves the punishment. He says they deserve it. He had a conversation with Maria about it. He adds that Maria and Pere deserve more punishment away from the strikes. He says it is annoying that people like himself try not to break rules end up being punished with people breaking the rules. He says Maria and Pere haven’t apologized to the whole house and have gone about with their duties – allowing other housemates to serve a punishment they didn’t take part in committing.

Big Brother asks him if Only Two Housemates took part in the Whispering Game. Cross said he forgot about that, adding that he deserves the punishment.

Big Brother asks Cross what he intends to do to avoid the house from being punished again. He says he’s going to be call people out on it. According to Cross, If you want to be in Big Brother’s house. You shouldn’t be breaking rules.

Big Brother asks Cross Who he Nominated and Why?

He said he nominated Pere and Sammie. This is because Pere has a complex Character. Pere is nice sometimes but He is yet to apologize to Whitemoney for what he did. Cross says he’s still angry about it.

Big Brother asks about the New HOH and his expectations. He says Liquorose has always been A joyful person and has light in her. Though her reign started with a rough foot with him, she’s a coordinated person. He can’t tell how she’s going to do but he knows Power is intoxicating.

Big Brother asks about LIQUOROSE’S Deputy HOH.

He says if Liquorose was to do what she did – Putting him up for Eviction, She should have given him the position of Deputy HOH. He would have loved to stay there as he may leave on Sunday.

Big Brother asks Who he would have picked as his roommate if he was picked. Cross says if it was before the live Show, he would have chosen Saskay. He says Saskay is playing with his emotions and He would have chosen JMK as his roommate. He says Saskay and himself are now talking again and she very cute and cool.

.Cross adds that Big Brother’s rules are giving him a hard time. Also, dealing with a woman who he can’t read her mind and isn’t open enough to him is giving him a hard time too.

He says he would really need the executive lounge to relax. Big Brother tells him that they were days he wasn’t up for Eviction and other were. He should try not dwell on things that he can’t control and also not put his peace of mind on another housemate. Lastly, not to make assumptions about Big Brother’s intentions.

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