Maria’s Diary Session Week 5 – Tuesday – BBNaija

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Big Brother asks Maria how she’s feeling today.

“I’m tired, I’m sad and I’m upset,” Maria responds.

She says she expected to be nominated for eviction.

About the punishment the house has been given, Maria says she says wasn’t drunk on Saturday and she doesn’t know what got into her head to tell Pere to remove his mic.

She apologizes to Big Brother and says she didn’t mean to disrespect him – Maria says she was upset when she was denied the veto power save but later when she went outside to think about it again, she realized she deserved the punishment. “Like “who do I think I am”, telling Pere to remove his mic and I removed mine too,” Maria wonders.

Big Brother asks her what she intends to do to ensure that the house is not punished again.

Going forward, Maria says she will try and remind housemates to avoid punishment.

Big Brother asks who she nominated and why.

She says she nominated Queen because they have had disagreements twice and they don’t get along. It is not like she bonds with everyone in the house but Queen is the least person she has bonded with. She nominated Whitemoney because there’s something about him that’s cheeky. She feels He’s not genuine though she might be wrong

Big Brother asks about Liquorose Being HOH.

Maria says it is not going to be easy for Liquorose because the housemates don’t co-operate sometimes. Liquorose is emotional. She looks strong but deep down she’s fragile. She just wants her to be okay after all of this. Maria says she knows the housemates didn’t like her prior to yesterday and they have always wanted her out of the house.

She thinks Whitemoney nominated her and Pere. She says Whitemoney thinks Pere is a threat to him and wants to get rid of both of them.

Maria thinks Saga, Yousef, Angel, JayPaul and Queen also nominated her.

She expects Liquorose to be Okay. She says it is not easy being an HOH but Liquorose Veto power selection hurt her feelings. She had thought Liquorose would choose Boma as her deputy.

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