Angel’s Diary Session Week 5, Wednesday – BBNaija

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Big Brother asks Angel how she’s feeling today.

Angel says she is worried and emotionally stressed.

Big Brother asks if the house deserves the Punishment they were given on Tuesday.

She says she doesn’t think they deserve the punishment, only the people who broke the rules should be punished.

Big Brother asks what she can do to avoid further punishments like this.

She sa6s there’s nothing she can do.

Big Brother asks her Who she Nominated and Why? She says she Nominated Queen and Michael. She Nominated Queen because they are not close and also because Queen is beefing her because of Boma.

She said she Nominated Michael because she’s not close to him unlike other people in the house. She doesn’t have any emotional connection with him so he was her safest choice.

Big Brother asks about the New HOH and her expectations.

Angel says Liquorose is going to do amazing if she can keep her temper in check. According to Angel, the Housemates are strong-headed and Liquorose has a temper and it is hard to keep your temper in check with this kind of housemates. She doesn’t expect much from her but Liquorose is a good leader.

Big Brother asks about the HOH’s Save and replace.

She says Liquorose decision is very bad as she put one of her favorites Cross up for eviction and Cross is the one person she has clicked with. She jokingly said if Cross was to be evicted on Sunday, she will riot. Liquorose should have put someone else.

Big Brother asks Liquorose’s Deputy HOH.

Angel says Saga is a save choice. Saga always minds his business.

Big asks if she would like to discuss anything else with Big Brother.

Angel asks to know wants to know why Biggie played a huge prank on them last week. She can’t believe biggie would do that to them. She would also need a psychologist.

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