Whitemoney’s Diary Session Week 5, Wednesday – BBNaija

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Big Brother asks WM how he’s feeling today…

He feels good, Blessed and Privilege to still be in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother asks about their punishment yesterday…

WM thinks they deserved the punishment. He has also learnt some things from the punishment.

Big Brother asks what he can do to avoid further punishments like this.

WM says he has been doing it since he came into the house. He helps them set their mics and he is always conscious of the mic. When people talk about things concerning the production, he immediately reminds them they are not supposed to talk about it.

Big Brother asks him who he Nominated and Why? WM says he nominated Pere and Peace. He wants Pere to feel the pressure. Whitemoney says Pere is too comfortable. He wants Pere to feel how he feels when he’s up and not feel he’s not untouchable.

For Peace, he just picked anyone who came to his mind. Peace too was getting too comfortable and according to WM, in Big Brother’s house, if you have not been up for eviction, you are just there for free food.

Big Brother asks about the new HOH and his expectations.

WM says Liquorose is his gee. He sees some nervousness. Liquorose is a cool person and not harsh but people may want to disrespect her but he believes she can handle biggie’s task properly. He thinks some housemates will be sluggish in responding to her orders but as for him, he has always been loyal to all HOHs.

Big Brother asks what he thinks of Liquorose’s save and replace.

He didn’t see it coming but he’s happy with the decision. According to Whitemoney, Maria and Liquorose are always saying they are besties and he expected her to have saved her bestie but she decided to Peace. He said Maria is a strong character and confident and can stand the eviction process, unlike Peace who is very emotional. Big Brother wonders aloud where Whitemoney was when he gave Maria, JMK and Pere extra punishment of not benefitting from the HoH position and privileges for two weeks including the save and replace.

WM says he didn’t see Cross’ replacement coming but he believed Cross is a strong guy and he loves it that Cross is also going to feel the game and the eviction process. He thinks Cross is too comfortable in the house.

Big Brother asks about Liquorose’s choice of Deputy

He feels Liquorose picked Saga to set him up to be closer to Nini. He feels she should have picked someone who is out to do the work of a deputy and not let that be secondary to the HoH Lounge. According to WM, Liquorose brought a brief today and they were all waiting for the Deputy HOH who was sleeping in the HOH Lounge with Nini.

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