“You Guys Are Killing My Morale And Making Me Feel Little” Liquorose Warns Housemates Against Disrespect (Video)

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Big Brother Naija Current Head of House, Liquorose has lashed out at her fellow housemates for not giving her the due respect she deserves as the Head of House.

Liquorose gathered the housemates at the lounge on Wednesday night shortly after the Supa Komando task to address them on the issue.

According to Liquorose, the housemates made her feel very little when she cautioned them on making noise during the first phase of the Supa Komando task. Liquorose said the housemates failed to listen to her when she told them they were supposed to perform during the Supa Komando jingle and not rehearse.

Liquorose siad the disrespect the housemates gave her will not be tolerated. The housemates can disrespect her as Liquorose but not as the Head of House.

She added that it is wrong for the Deputy Head of House to oppose the Head of House in public because other housemates would wonder if the HOH is even capable of leading the house since her deputy is opposing her.

She said she was not happy with what her deputy Saga did. When she told them they were supposed to perform during the jingle, Saga said it was a rehearsal and Maria and others agreed and the house failed the task.

“As a deputy, if you have an issue with what the HoH has said, call her to a corner and not oppose her publicly.

“You are making me second guess myself and that is not correct. I will never disrespect any of you as the Head of House.

“Don’t make it seem I’m not capable of leading the house. If you disrespect me, I will just have to report you to Big Brother and he will decide the appropriate punishment,” Liquorose warns all housemates.

After addressing the house, Saga, Maria, Angel and Nini went to Liquorose to console and apologize to her.

Watch the video below:

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