Emmanuel’s Diary Session – Week 5, Friday

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Big Brother asks her how he’s feeling today.

Emmanuel is doing well at the moment but was sad a few hours ago.

Big Brother asks how he is fairing living with 19 people in the house.

He says he’s proud of himself because he was used to being alone in his space as little things get him irritated. He is however proud of himself for coming this far without having issues with anyone.

Big Brother asks what changes he has made to make him cope with the living conditions in the house…

He says he has been listening more and talking less. Patience has also helped.

Big Brother asks how the house is taking the news of the Abe Naira Menu

He says he doesn’t know about the other housemates but he is respecting the menu. He is happy that Biggie didn’t tell them to pay for the previous weeks they have stayed. So thy Menu didn’t come as a surprise to him because they actually have to pay for those things they have been getting free.

Big Brother asks him how much Abeg Naira he has…

He says he has 1500 Abeg Naira.

Big Brother asks him the Housemate he least trusts and why.

He says he doesn’t trust most of the housemates. He says it’s hard for him to pick one person cos they are all playing a game.

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