Liquorose’s Diary Session – Week 5, Friday

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Big Brother asks her how she’s feeling today.

She says she is feeling good.

Big Brother asks about her Reign as the Head of House.

She says she enjoys being HOH. The immunity makes her feel excited and happy. Liquorose says the Job of the HOH comes with getting to speak on things she would normally have to avoid. Winning the HOH is one of the things she was determined to win in the house and now she did.

Big Brother asks how she is fairing living with 19 people in the house.

She says she is surprised that she already knows all their names and they are coexisting well. She is a bit scared that it’s the fifth week and they are still 20 housemates in the house.

Big Brother asks about the Abeg Naira Menu…

She says housemates don’t seem to be obeying orders. She didn’t see people handling it with obedience. Sometimes the house needs a military rule.

Big Brother asks which Housemate she least trusts and why..

She least trusts peace and that is because she has not really gotten to know her. She doesn’t know much about her

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