Whitemoney’s Diary Session – Week 5, Friday

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Big Brother asks how he’s feeling today.

He’s feeling fantastic, privileged, and blessed.

Big Brother asks how he is fairing living with 19 housemates.

He says he is enjoying it.

Big Brother asks What changes he has made to make him cope with the living conditions in the house…

He says he has learned to be a selfless person and now consider other people’s welfare before his.

Big Brother asks how much Abeg Naira he has…

He says he has up to 1000 Abeg Naira.

Big Brother asks how the house is taking the news of the Abeg Menu.

He says it is good as it now helps ensure that resources are not wasted and people’s chickens in the fridge don’t get missing as before. Also, before are not overusing the washing machine again.

Big Brother asks what items should be added to the Abeg Menu.

He says he would loved big brother to also add paying for water in the Abeg menu.

Big Brother asks which Housemate he least trusts and why.

The housemates he least trusts is Pere. According to Whitemoney, there is something behind Pere’s smile. He sees Pere as a healthy competition, and he is shining his eye on him.

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