Queen’s Diary Session: Week 6 – Tuesday

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Queen says it will be a dream come true if she wins the HOH and she knows that someday she will become the HOH.

She says she is trying her best not the think about the eviction

She believes somehow she will get to the end of the show.

If she had the power to evict two housemates, she will evict Peace and Yousef.

Peace because they are not really close.

Yousef because it’s a game and his name is the only one coming to her head right now.

She wasn’t expecting Maria to be evicted, it was a shock to her

She somehow blames herself for Maria Eviction and she feels very sorry

She deeply apologizes for the altercations she had with Maria in the house. She misunderstood Maria and from what she has heard from others, Maria is a sweet person.

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