Whitemoney’s Diary Session: Week 6, Tuesday

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Whitemoney says he is feeling happy and blessed today.

He says he is happy for the musical instruments big brother gave them to use today.

He enjoyed last night’s HOH games, though he didn’t win.

He says he is being himself ahead of the coming eviction.

He would have no regrets if he gets evicted on Sunday and he promised to make the big brother platform proud.

Big Brother asks which two housemates he will evict if he had the power to.

If he had the power to evict two Housemates, he will evict Boma and Liquorose. Boma because he is a serious threat and Liquorose because she is a strong competition for him. He says if he wins, he will compensate both of them.

Whitemoney says he saw Maria as strong competition, it was a shock that she was evicted. He also thought Pere will be evicted and hE was shocked he was not evicted.

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