BBNaija Eviction Predictions Week 6 – Here Are The Housemates Who Will Be Evicted

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It is week 6 in the Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” house and it is time for more housemates to leave the Big Brother Naija house Shine Ya Eye house.

This week, 15 housemates are up for possible eviction on Sunday. They are Pere, QueenAngelBoma, Liquorose, Peace, Emmanuel, Saskay, Yousef, Nini, Saga, Whitemoney, Michael, Tega, and Cross. At least, one of the nominated housemates will be evicted come Sunday.

Now let’s predict who will be evicted on Sunday and you have to trust our predictions because all the predictions we have done so far have been correct.

Who will survive eviction this week?

Whitemoney – He is a strong contender and we expect him to stay until the very last day, unless otherwise. He is definitely not going home.

Liquorose – She is also a very strong contender and just like Whitemoney, we also expect Liquorose to stay until the very end unless she leaves voluntarily or is disqualified.

Cross – Last week, he was up and he and Queen got over 50% of the vote, leaving the other 4 housemates with just a little over 40% to share. He is definitely not leaving this week.

Queen – She was up last week and out of 6 housemates, she was in the top 2. So we don’t expect her to leave this week.

Saskay – She is beautiful, smart, and competitive. Fans would definitely want to see more of her.

Yousef – Many may have complained about Yousef’s long diary sessions but it seems he has won several hearts. He too won’t be evicted this week.

Pere – Pere is a very controversial housemate and many fans thought it would be easier to get him out due to his attitude and controversial nature but who doesn’t love controversy. He is giving us the content we need, so it won’t be easy to just kick him out.

Angel – She has never been up for eviction before but she is lively, dramatic and quite a controversial housemate (judging from her dress sense and behavior around the guys in the house.) We love controversy and that is perhaps enough to keep Angel in the house this week.

Who may be evicted this week?

Peace – She was the first head of house of the season and many loved her reign but it seems many only enjoyed seeing her in the game when she was HoH. Many say she is boring, but that is subjective though. They have been wanting to see her on the nomination block and now they have her. So, she will definitely leave.

Boma – He says he is okra but it appears his okra personality would be insufficient to keep him in the house this week.

Saga – It appears Saga is overly attached to Nini and that may have messed up his game. People even refer to him as “Ozo Pro Max.” It seems Nini is all that matters to Saga in that house. We have heard him told Nini other girls looked like bags of rice and bags of potatoes in their swimsuits and she was the only beautiful one. He also missed a diary session and that apparently had something to do with Nini. This is definitely getting fans irritated.

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Uncertain Housemates:

We are not sure if these 3 housemates will stay or go. They have a 50:50 chance.

Nini – She has been up before and she survived it but will she survive eviction this week or will her situationship with Saga mar her chances?

Tega – She has also been up before and she was saved but will she be saved again this week or will her marriage and alleged involvement with Boma ruin her chances?

Michael – Michael has never been up for eviction before. Let’s see if he swims or sinks.

That was just our prediction. Kindly share your prediction in the comment section and hope you have voted for your favorite.

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