BBNaija Reunion 2022 -Day 2 Gbas Gbos Night: Full Gist and Video

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Angel seemed to be at the center of this night edition of the reunion show.

There was some gbas gbos between Angel and Peace, Angel and Maria and Angel and Nini. This was after Ebuka showed two separate clips of these three housemates talking about Angel.

Angel and Maria

Maria said what he said about Angel throwing herself everywhere is just her opinion of her. Angel said her own opinion of Maria is that she does not have sen5e.

She said Maria was her friend and she was surprised to hear all what she said about her. She said Maria did all the same things she did and even flirted with Emmanuel but she just didn’t see Maria in the same way Maria was seeing her; saying Angel will always be Angel bla bla bla…

Well, Maria says she was never friends with Angel and they were just cool.

There was an issue about Michael saying Angel had the most smellin.. V in the house. Michael said that was just a game and when she decided to drink instead when he was ask to say who it was, other housemates were like don’t be like that. So she just chose Angel because everyone would know it was a lie. He said he had never been with her, so he wouldn’t know that.

Angel and Peace

It was about the atercation Angel had with Sammie. Peace said all she was saying in the video was that she felt most people went to Angel and didn’t hear Sammie’s side too. Angel said she would feel that way because Sammie liked her (Peace) and many considered her his little Peace. Peace was just like “are you serous girllll?”

Angel and Nini

Angel said she was surprised that Nini sat and entertained all that was being said about her and she didn’t stop them though the two of them were close in the house.

So when Angel got out of the house, she unfollowed Nini.

According to Nini, she had to listen to them because it was a game and perhaps what they were saying could be something about Angel’s strategy and so she had to listen.

Angel asked if Nini would have done same if it was Irin.

NEXT: It seems Nini and Irin fell out after the show as there is some some gbasgbos between the two in the next episode.

Watch full video of day 2 reunion:

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