BBNaija Reunion 2022 Day 3: Friendship In The Mud – Full Gist And Video

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The reunion show opens up tonight with gbas gbos between Irin and Nini.

Remember in the last episode, Angel had asked Nini if she would have entertained the same gossip about her from other housemates if it was actually about Irin.

Well, Irin actually said yes. There has probably been some bad blood between the two former besties; Irin and Nini.

For Irin, when Nini came out of the house, she wasn’t speaking to her and that was super shocking to her and her only explanation was that the day she had a f!ght with Cross, her (Irin’s) Instagram page commented on Cross’ page but she is not actually the one handling her page and her page always spread love.

Irin wondered how she kept speaking about her in the house but when she came out, it took weeks to speak to her.

For Nini, when she came out of the house, Irin complained she didn’t hug her well and she immediately told her she was going through a lot and she was of course angry withe her cuz she heard about the comment on Cross’ page.

They went on and on about the issue, Saga commented and other issues came upon the midst of the conversation.

There was also a review of the famous f!ght between Angel and Boma.

Angel said while in the executive lounge, he and Boma didn’t really do anything but they k!ssed, and Boma said they should not tell anybody about it. However, when they came down, she was surprised to hear him telling Pere. And next minute, Boma came attack!ng her saying she said hew was a k!ss and tell.

Tega said it was Queen who said Boma was a k!ss and tell.

An argument erupted Boma and Angel and led to an apology. There is a lot of juice about this and you just have to watch.

Watch the full episode:

NEXT: More gbas gbos as Queen tells Boma to f!x his brain and Boma says he understands Queen is from the village, very local and that is why she couldn’t understand the questions game.

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