BBNaija Reunion: Boma/Queen/Beatrice gbas gbos

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Today’s show started with Peace on the hot seat as she was tagged as the gossip of the house during the show and she had to respond to that.

 And then there was an altercation between Queen and Boma. A lot of gbas gbos there and Boma said Queen is local, from the village and that is why she didn’t understand the questions game.

There was just a lot about this issue and Cubana Chief Priest was mentioned. Tega was also involved cuz the issue about Boma saying her V…. stints came up. Well, Boma said he didn’t say that and had even said he will give 3 million to anyone who can prove he said that.

Well, Tega said Pere said he had (Boma) told him that during the questions game.

And there was the talk about how Boma made Queen appear desperate, as though she wanted him to date her whereas she didn’t (says Queen).

There was also an altercation between Beatrice and Boma because Beatrice wanted to find out why Boma said she was iritat!ng and then that game with a lot of gbas gbos as Beatrice gave Boma a piece of her mind. This was in fact the hottest gbas gbos of the night.

You just have to Watch the full video to find out:

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