BBN Reunion Day 6: How the EmmaRose Ship Sank – Cheating In Dubai

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BBN Reunion Day 6: How the EmmaRose Ship Sank

Tonight edition was still about relationships and it was the turn of Emmanuel and Liquorose.

The episode opens up with a clip of Angel fl!rt!ing with Emmanuel. Angel says she did not take the EmmaRose thing seriously as Emmanuel also fl!rted with her and other housemates like JMK.

JMK agreed and Saskay says she didn’t really take of such fl!rt!ngs seriously.

Emmanuel says all these situations were not serious with him and he didn’t want to give a cold shoulder to anybody.

Liquorose says she noticed sometime later that there was something going on between Emmanuel and Angel and even walked in on Emmanuel, Angel and two other housemates having their shower and she was upset.

Emmanuel said he actually felt something for Liquorose but he was being careful cuz he didn’t want to too attach and lose focus. He was scared of hurting her because of her story.

Ebuka asked Liquo what made her stay in the relationship despite the complaints she was getting.

Liquorose said when she was getting talks about him not being genuine to her, she had a talk with Emmanuel and said “I know what you tell me when we are alone” and in fact he was the first person to tell her he loves her and would even get upset when he saw her dancing at the party with other guys.

Even outside the house, he still used the L word.

Liquorose invited Emmanuel for her birthday but he didn’t come. According to Emmanuel, they had some issues out of the house and he decided to back out because he didn’t want to be a hindrance to anything.

Liquo said they were dating and she walked into Emmanuel with a girl in Dubai.

In the next episode, Liquorose will explain what exactly she saw in Emmanuel’s hotel room in Dubai.

Watch full episeode:

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