BBNaija Reunion Day 7: Emmanuel and Liquorose Dubai Cheating Saga

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Liquorose said she knocked for 15 minutes and he didn’t open and she had to say it was an emergency for him to open.

The girl was there covering her face and this was someone she didn’t know but had seen her and Emmanuel at a festival.

She left thinking her so called boyfriend will come after her but he didn’t.

A few weeks after, Emma came to her saying he is sorry, he loves her but he is not ready to be committed, not ready to be in a relationship with her. So, she was like, really? So you had to wait for me to walk in on you with a girl for you to say this?

At that point, nobody knew they were in a relationship including the fans and so she started avoiding snaps because anytime Emmanuel met her he would want to bring his phone for snaps. And shippers will think they were together and that was the impression Emmanuel was giving.

And when she had a conversation with Saskay, Saskay told her Emmanuel told her they were not dating. This was after Emmanuel had taken Saskay out and they had agreed not tell anyone the status of their relationship.

Emmanuel in response says he travels a lot and he makes friends wherever he travels to. So the girl was an old friend he met at the festival and she decided to come see him when he was sleeping in his room.

When he heard the bang on the door, he was already exhausted. And she called to tell him it was an emergency and he asked if he could come see Liquo in her room cuz she didn’t want her to walk in on the situation cuz it would be hurtful and embarrassing and she would think something went down whereas nothing happened.

He regrets not running after her.

After that, he told her he didn’t think what they had could work because of the issues they were having; it wasn’t working.

Liquo says she wasn’t sleeping because they were texting just before she came to surprise. The lights were off, the girl was wearing a face mask and the bed was rough.

So they agreed the Emmarose ship has sunk; no relationship and no friendship.

Beatrice aplogized for saying Liquorose was not smart enough to notice Emmanuel was playing her.

Saskay also clearified that there has really been nothing between her and Emmanuel.

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