BBNaiaj Reunion Day 8: the Saga/Nini and Whitemoney/Queen Ships

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Reunion day 8

It is another exciting Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Reunion night on Africa Magic Urban and Family.

On tonight’s episode of the reunion show, the show starts with a clip of Saga and Nini. So focus is on their relationship.

So Ebuka wants to know why Saga kept coming on despite the fact that he knew Nini had another guy. Saga said he tried to slow down but it didn’t work.

Ebuka asked why Nini did not stop Saga though she knew clearly how Saga felt about her.

She says they were in a closed space and it is difficult to give up someone who is there for you and there was never a situation when Saga was crossing the boundary, so it was just bants. She adds that most people including the housemates believed she wasn’t reciprocating all Saga was putting into their friendship but she did and was putting in a lot too.

Did she ever feel the need to step back? She said she didn’t because Saga never asked her out.

Ebuka asked what is up with the relationship she had before the house. She said she doesn’t want to talk about her relationship on the show. Ebuka further asked if she and Saga are an item now and she said they are good friends.

Next is Whitemoney and Queen.

Ebuka asks if we would be wrong to think Queen wanted a relationship with Whitemoney.                        

She said she just thought it would happen based on how things were going.

According to Whitemoney, she liked Queen because she could and he felt she was a helping hand. The major problem started with he won the Head of House and they had an argument and that was the deal-breaker for her cuz he was already liking her.

Outside the house, Queen was still the same person and she never blocked Queen. Queen said he obviously blocked her cuz she wrote and Whitemoney saw the message but the others did not deliver.

According to Whitemoney, it was a total misunderstanding and there is no way he could have blocked Queen.

And then the Arin and Nini brouhaha continued for minutes and they finally apologized to each other and made up.

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