Angel Reveals Shocking Things She Did For Cross After The BBNaija House

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Tonight on the reunion, After Ebuka played a clip about Angel and Cross, she asked them what really it was, friendship? Relationship?

Cross said they were just two friends who had each other’s back and had good times together.

Angel agreed and then added that she feels Cross is a hypocrite because he was accusing her of fl!rting with other housemates including Emmanuel when she was doing the same and even had feelings for Saskay.

Ebuka ask if they wanted more, given all the d!rty and s*xua talk they were constantly having in the house.

Cross said he wanted more and wanted to get to know her more but according to Angel, she didn’t want more though there was a s*xua attraction.

Cross decided to hide their relationship and would not publicly comment on her Instagram photos but would come and comment in her dm.

When they got to Dubai, Cross vn about Saskay leaked and that is when Cross started posting her on her stories when Saskay fans were coming for him. She felt Cross was using her at the time as a shield.

She narrated all the things she did for Cross, cooking for him when he was sick and going to the mainland for him, giving money to him in Dubai, booking a spa session for him but he wasn’t reciprocating and those are things she normally wouldn’t do.

In Dubai when she was tired, Cross didn’t even help her carry her hand luggage, it was Jaypaul doing that. Cross never invited her for outings or anything or did anything for her but the moment Cross needed money, he immediately came to her.

 The final straw for her was when she told him she had gotten a boyfriend and he asked “what about CrossGel”?

According to Cross, Angel knows how much he cares for her and he was there for her too but Angel said he was not. Cross said he was there for her when he was going through emotional moments, came to her house and check up on her, when she ghosted, her family was looking for her, the police was looking for her, nobody could reach her,  he was there for her and finally found her unconscious on the floor.

They finally went apart when Cross was trying to talk to her and she walked out on him and he said that was the end of their friendship and since then, they haven’t spoken.

Right now, Angel wants nothing to do with him so there is no point.

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