BBNaija: Amaka’s First Diary Session

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Big Brother did the First diary sessions for the season this Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

This is what Amaka had to shalaye to Big Brother.

Big Brother –  Talk to Big Brother about your experience so far.
Amaka- The house has been fun. I have met different types of people with different characters and I’m happy to be here. I’m good.

Big Brother – How are you settling in?
Amaka – I’m settling in really fine ,doing whatever my mind tells me to do.
Big Brother – Tell Big Brother about your journey to the house and what coming to the show means for you.
Amaka – My journey to the house was not an easy one ,I had to figure something about myself
I applied for Big Brother because I want  to study medicine abroad but I don’t have the money. I’m really happy to be finally here because the process was stressful but looking back it’s a beautiful one.

Big Brother –  the house has been divided into Level 1 and Level 2, what do you think about your fellow level 2 housemates.
Amaka – Big Brother honestly speaking,  everyone is doing too much ,I’m not a team person ,I think we are not strongly considering our other opponents ,we forget about the other 12 housemates.
Big Brother– and how do you intend to spy on the level one housemates
Amaka – I was thinking that when we have another sitting together , I want to get into their space and get to know them because this is a game at the end of the day, you cannot lose focus of your immediate environment.

Big Brother – you finally got to meet the level one Housemates, what are your thoughts on them
Amaka – my thought is that you ran us street ,our boys are not …. the level one boys are hotter than our boys. I’m happy because I can focus here ,here we are just catching cruise . i didn’t actually focus on the girls, I was focusing on the boys because their body build is ghen ghen ghen.

Big Brother – having spent 3 days in the house, what are your chances of winning?
Amaka- I have a very high chance of winning, some people like to make unnecessary drama. From the rule book ,I picked out some things that will help me to survive.

You have to be malleable like an iron ,you must be able to compromise with your fellow housemates, but still focus on the money
For me ,all my housemates are valid. I’m not going to do stupid things I’m going to regret.

Big Brother –  anything else to discuss with Big Brother?
Amaka – Big Brother, coming into the house,some people will want to oppress you. And you might want to lose yourself in the process of playing the game . I’m just trying my best and trying not to be like others.

Big Brother–  this is a journey of self discovery, it’s on you to pick the path to take

Diary session ends

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