BBNaija: Bryan’s Diary Session Week 2

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Here is how Bryan’s Diary session went down this afternoon:

Diary session

Bryan: I was very surprised I wasn’t nominated. When hermes won, I started weighing options, i knew he’ll pick Cyph, Khalid & Phyna then random option. If I’m HOH, I’ll pick people that are my biggest contender. Christy & Amaka, I don’t know how he landed wit that option

Bryan: If i was HOH, I will pick based on energy. Cyph and khalid are contenders in HOH tasks, i will pick them. Phyna would’ve bn on my list too.

As for party, I said i wanted to know Diana more but I think anoda person would’ve caught my attention but we never know.

Bryan: Beauty tapped me to say that groove was dancing with someone else and that’s someone that caught my eyes, we joked, then in the house fight started. Everything started from he danced with someone. Ilebaye was wrong too but it’s a house ppl will still be in ur case

Bryan: if it wasn’t Ilebaye, if it was Amaka or Phyna, I would have still spoken up. She’s still my friend. I hope next time she’ll be rational. I didn’t want to be in their space cos groove is a man of few words and i don’t know what she tells him when they’re together.

Bryan: Modella is a fine girl, good energy, she’s attractive.

Biggie: You seem to find lots of women attractive.

Bryan: (laughs) Biggie, I love seeing attractive women, there is nothing to it. I was dashing them money yesterday, those I find attractive lol

Bryan: Personally, I’m not thinking of threat in this house, I’m just going to focus on myself and face my opponents that we’re playing against. I want to be in sync with my housemates. If we win HOH, let them drink Garri for 2wks, it’ll make us feel good.

Bryan: The HOH game is a game of chance, tho the 2nd required physical strength. Anyone could have made it to the 2nd round, i made a mistake. I was setting in 3 rather than 4. I felt bad i didn’t make it, leaving Cyph with that weight was a lot, i wish I could’ve done something.

Bryan: Also, i feel my name didn’t appear on the list cos I didn’t make it to the second round.

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