BBNaijaa: Amaka’s Diary Session Week 2

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This is how Amaka’s Diary Session went down today in the diary room.

Big Brother: How’re you doing today?

Amaka: I’m very fine just that I’m also a bit sad cos I’m up for possible eviction but we thank God for everything.
I don’t know why I got nominated, I don’t know if I’m competition, maybe cos I make noise, maybe my name is too short or maybe they keep hearing my name

Amaka: I was 60% surprised that my name was called and 40% not shocked.
I am not use to going to people to dance, I’m not being proud but I don’t like walking up to ppl, I’m that kind of person that waits for ppl to walk up to me & we dance, I’m playful but straight forward

Amaka: I didn’t have much fun at the party but I was happy.

Talking about the new housemates:

Amaka: Modella is chilled, she’s a nice person, walked up to me and told me nice things, she’s okay, she’s approachable. Let’s keep watching. I wish her the best.

Big Brother asks if she sees Modella as a threat.
Amaka: I don’t see her as a threat

Amaka: I do not see anybody in my house as a threat, I’m confident in myself but I don’t show it so it won’t come off as being over confident.

About Deji, according to what ppl say, i think he’s friendly, he asked my name which he did with everyone. He’s good to go.

Amaka: I feel the house will put in their best to win this wager. It’s obvious level 1 are energetic, we will try our best to use our brain and put up sth nice so you’ll be proud of us. So far, our team has been great. I feel our sport is a beautiful thing to watch

Amaka: it’s not easy for someone to create a sport, my group was able to draft sth in 24hrs, the most importantly, we will give our best.

Biggie, i can’t say why we lost the HOH. I’m so pissed, i even prayed yesterday we win, I’m not happy about this lost biggie

Amaka: If we continue losing HOH task, I don’t knw our fate, our guys try their best, if it’s a game we’re allowed to choose who to represent us, we might do better. They’re lucky their athletes got to the last stage, Cyph is gud but not our best. Maybe this is our luck

Biggie: Why do you people keep losing HOH?

Amaka: Biggie, i don’t know oo. Is this how they will keep eliminating us?

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