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Doyin’s Diary Session

Big Brother: Hello Doyin

Doyin: Hello Big Brother

Big Brother: Or should I call you the birthday girl?

Doyin: Yes big brother.

Big Brother: How are you doing?

Doyin: I’m good just a little emotional.

Big Brother: Why is that?

Doyin: It’s my first birthday without my family and friends. (She started crying)

Big Brother: Let’s talk about recent events. The Saturday night party and after party interest big brother. Tell Big Brother what happened.

Doyin: I had so much fun it was amazing. I got time to spend with someone. It was good.

Big Brother: Who are you referring to?

Doyin: Cyph he’s in Level 2. We got to spend time at the party. It was cool. Biggie I’m so shy.

Big Brother: On Sunday Big Brother introduced a new housemate. What do you think of Deji?

Doyin: He’s cool and calm. He’s a cool boy he doesn’t shout. He gave me a birthday gift.

Big Brother: What was the gift?

Doyin: He gave me a nice perfume.

Big Brother: How much of a threat do you think he is?

Doyin: He’s a big threat. Everyone like people who are calm and good looking. So yeah!

Big Brother: Level 2 also got a new hm. What do you think of her?

Doyin: I think she’s so beautiful. I haven’t really spoken to her because I was anxious about the game. I’m sure she’s a competition also.

Big Brother: You have been tasked to develop a new sport. What are your thoughts?

Doyin It’s good but for now it’s chaotic because everyone is just shouting. I’m just there because I’m not a sporty person, but for now it’s going well.

Big Brother: Speaking of leaders, your thoughts on the New Head of HouseHermes?

Doyin He’s cool, intelligent and stuff but he doesn’t know how to lead. He shouts at people. You didn’t bring a child in this place you can’t shout at people. He just needs to stop shouting.

Big Brother: Anything else you would like to discuss with Big Brother?

Doyin Because it’s my birthday, I’m asking for small drinks. That’s all.

Big Brother: Big brother has something better for you.

Doyin Really? Okay.

Big Brother: Everything you’ve achieved so far will be dwarfed by what you’re yet to achieve. Happy birthday. Doyin, you may leave the diary room.

Doyin: Thank you Big Brother

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