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Hermes’ Diary Session Week 2

Big Brother: How are you doing today?

HERMES: It has been so much for the day. Thanks for the super commando drink.

Big Brother: Let’s talk about some recent events which are of interest to BB. What are your impressions on the Thursday pool party?

HERMES: It was extra fun. Everyone was protecting their individuality but for me I was just having fun.

Big Brother: On Sunday, BB introduced a new housemate. What do you think of Deji?

HERMES: He is an amazing guy. That added a lot of value.

Big Brother: How much of a threat do you think he is?


Big Brother: Level 2 also had a new housemate. What’s your impression of Modella?

HERMES: the Girl is fine. I think she is causing trouble there by now.

Big Brother: What are your impressions on your wager task?

HERMES: It will be amazing. I’m a sports man and I’m looking forward to hit.

Big Brother: If you had an opportunity to nominate someone from level 1, who would you have nominated?

Harmes: Doyin because she is a lazy girl. She doesn’t have a balance life. No effort to be of service.

I would have also nominated Chichi because she has a lot of insecurities around her. She always takes the group back.

Big Brother: Big Brother has a special assignment for you Hermes. Next to you is a birthday card for Doyin. Get the card and get your fellow housemates to sign on it. Big Brother will call all of you to present it to her later in the evening. Make sure Doyin doesn’t see it while you sign.

HERMES: OK Big Brother

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