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Shezz’s Diary session

Big Brother: Hello Sheggz

Good afternoon biggie

Big Brother: Welcome to your Diary Session

Thanks biggie

Big Brother: How are you doing today?

I’m okay. Actually getting ready for the task?

I think it’s amazing. I’m playing a major role considering its sports.

Big Brother: Talk to Big Brother about the Saturday night party

I think the party was good. It was good to interacting with other people. I was vibing with others. Beauty I think she’s cool and she’s with Groovy my roommate. Out of respect for them, it’s just friendship between her and I.

Big Brother: On Sunday Big Brother introduced a new housemate. What do you think of Deji?

I think he’s cool I don’t really force myself on people. I easily warm up to people. I’m confident and secure. He’s a nice addition.

Big Brother: How much of a threat do you think he is?

To me personally? I don’t see anybody as a threat. I don’t believe anybody is better than me. There’s enough space for different stars in the air. With Bella, I’m comfortable and confident. If he goes on and builds something with her then she wasn’t for me.

Big Brother: What do you think of the new Level 2 housemate?

I haven’t really had a chance to speak to her. But I know you biggie, you bring amazing people

Big Brother: What do you think of your new HOH Hermes?

Uhm he is a strong character, did extremely well to help us win the HOH. Unorthodox, meaning he could be different at times. His way of achieving things is different. We all are different. I’ve got love for Hermes personally. He’s leading the best way he knows how. He was shouting at Bella too much, I stood up and told him that’s not going to run. If I need to support him I will. No wahala.

Big Brother: Anything else you will like to tell BB?

No not really but the other day I got a warning. I just wanted to tell you I meant no harm, I understand.

Big Brother: And where’s your apology?

Smiles, I’m sorry.

Big Brother: Shezz, your DS has come to an end. You may now leave the diary room.

Thank you Big Brother

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