Gbas Gbos Between Eoswag And The Level 1 Girls Over Kis5 With Phyna (Video)

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Gbas Gbos Between Eoswag And The Level 1 Girls Over Kis5 With Phyna (Video)

The Level 1 Housemates had a blowout today, day 12 of the ongoing Level Up season of the Big Brother Naija reality tv show.

The major issues was the endless teasing that Eloswag has been getting from the Level 1 girls, particularly, Chomzy and Bella about the passionate kis he shared with Level 2 Housemate, Phyna during last week’s Saturday Night Party.

Today Chomzy and Bella were at it again and this got to Eloswag’s last nerve and he decided not to back down. He didn’t take the jokes lying down and blew off at the pair, telling them that he is tired of hearing that same joke, they have been talking about the whole week and now he is not finding their joke funny.

Elo first yelled at Chomzy for her continuous jokes that he said he didn’t find funny. Giddyfia and Adekunle waved in to try and calm him down and could barely succeed in doing that.

Just as the situation seemed to subside, Bella taunted him once more. She dared him to be*t her, adding that he is not even that important.  Elo told her to come close while saying that, adding that the matter didn’t even involve her. Sheggz quickly interrupted the exchange cautioning that Eloswag may get viol*nt with Bella, he would have sacrificed him two months in the house by doing that.

Eloswag continued to try and convey his point across even though it was seemingly falling on deaf ears as Bella and Sheggz kept on yelling back at him. Bella kept insisting that she was just joking with him where the issue with Phyna was concerned and Chomzy wondered why Eloswag didn’t just tell them politely that he didn’t find the joke funny. Ella and Chomzy kept saying Eloswag should have told them before now that he was not comfortable with the joke but he has never said that.

Doyin and Gidaffyia were in accord with Eloswag and Doyin in particular told Shegzz he can’t tell Elo not to speak out just because he is a man and is expected to bottle everything in.

After all the brouhaha, Elo went and met Chomzy on her bed to have a conversation with her but she wasn’t ready to hear anything. Remember Elo and Chomzy were already catching feelings for each other before Elo kis-ed  Phyna. According Chomzy, Eloswag lost his chances by doing that.

Watch video of the gbas gbos here:

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