BBNaija’s Beauty Wrecks Ship With Groovy, Breaks More House Rules (Full Gist Of All After Party Drama)

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Last night was a night to remember; from  Doyin l0cking l!ps with Cyph yet again to Phyna chopping hot breakfast from Eloswag to the Ultimate f!ght between Beauty and Groovy.

Yes, Phyna collected breakfast from Eloswag last night. She came into the party with high hopes that she was going to be reunited with Elo and they will continue from where they stopped last week but O boi, Eloswag did not send her at all. She went to meet Elo and he told her he didn’t want to play with her feelings and Phyna was so heartbroken.

Now, unto the Ultimate story of the night: Beauty and Groovy. Towards the end of the party, Beauty noticed that Chomzy was around Groovy and she went and pulled Groovy away and even pulled out his transmitter in the process. Babe was super furious at Groovy and said she had warned him before the party about dancing with Chomzy. She said she could dance with anyone at the party but not Chomzy.

Groovy was trying to explain. He said he didn’t go to meet Chomzy, he in fact avoided her and Chomzy came to him and place her hand around her neck and he wasn’t just going to push her away.

“She was the one that came to me. I didn’t go to her. She came to me and I didn’t dance with her,” Groovy said.

Beauty was not having any of that, she was so angry and said they are done. She was yelling at Groovy and even removed her wig and fl0gged Groovy with.

With all the yelling, Groovy started yelling back, asking her why she was so angry because of Chomzy; “who is Chomzy”?

It even got more intense after the party. Beauty kept yelling not just at Groovy but also at other housemates who tried to calm her down and tell her she was overreacting including Phyna and Amaka. It was in fact Beauty against all the Level 2 housemates.

Some of the housemates could not understand why Groovy would need permission from Beauty to do literally everything, including eating another female housemate’s food.

With all the drama, Groovy asked Beauty why she was so insecure. That got her even more upset and she almost got physical with Groovy. It in fact took other housemates especially Cyph and Kezz to stop her from getting physical. Beauty also revealed to a few housemates that Groovy had touched her Vee and sucked her b00bs.

BBNaija: Would Beauty Get Disqualified After Last Night Drama?

Back at the Level 1 house, Chomzy said all what Beauty is doing is only making her get interested in Groovy more and more.

“I am beginning to like that guy (Groovy) the way Beauty is reacting is making me want that guy. Next weekend party, I will get close to him again and if she wants to cry let her cry,” She said.

Chomzy, however, warned that if her actions get into the head of Groovy and he leaves his girl, he would be the one on the losing side because she won’t date him, she can’t be a second option. 

That was just a lot of drama and what would happen next? Would Beauty chop another strike or possibly a disqualification?

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