Beauty Disqualified From The BBNaija Show

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Beauty has been disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house for her actions during the last Saturday night party. Beauty hit fellow housemate Groovy and that is considered as vi0lence.

She was issued two strikes. Before today, Beauty had been issued a strike already and adding two more strikes meant she had been issued a total of three strikes and that automatically led to her disqualification.

You know, Beauty reminds me of Erica from the Lockdown season in 2020. Apparently, alcohol and Beauty are no friends. She was definitely tipsy last night and she would perhaps be regretting most of what she did right now.

This is the same Beauty who got her first strike last week, just a week into the show and after that, she promised herself she was not going to do anything that will possibly get her another strike. Well, this is just a week after that and here we are again; she has done something similar or even worse.

Last night, Beauty almost got physical against Groovy and a few other housemates. She in fact removed her wig and fl0gged Groovy with it; that is clearly vi0lence.

Her words graduated from mare insults to complete disrespect for her fellow housemates and all the while, she ignored the support provided by her fellow housemates (this was part of the reasons that led to Erica’s disqualification).

In article 18 on the Big Brother rule book, there is a list of infringements that can lead to strikes and disqualification and one of them is vi0lence.

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