New Twist: Big Brother Swaps Trenches and Island Houses

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Big Brother has done it again… Omo, guess the Level 1 housemates were not expecting this.

After the HOH game this evening, Big Brother decided to swap houses for the Level 1 and Level 2 houses.

This means the level 1 housemates have moved upstairs to the trenches while the level 2 housemates have moved to the island downstairs.

You needed to see how happy the level 2 housemates were with their new house. They couldn’t believe the comfort and luxury they have been missing.

Amaka and Phyna kept asking “why dey no go dey win us when dey have all this comfort?” They were wowed by the space, large rooms, large kitchen, large bathroom and more.

Amaka said when she first got into the trenches house, she lowkey wondered if that house is the same house she has been seeing on TV.

The housemates will however maintain their names as Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is now the multicolored apartment upstairs while level 2 is the black and white apartment downstairs.

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