BBNaija’s Beauty Opens Up About Disqualification And The Groovy Situation – Video

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Big Brother Naija “Level Up” housemates Beauty was disqualified from the show last Sunday after accumulating three strikes.

She had her first interview a few days after the disqualification with MzVick. Read about the interview below and you can watch the video of the interview on Facebook using the link provided at the end of this article.

Here is the interview:

MzVick: Hi Darling, How are you feeling right now?

Beauty: Hi, I’m Ok, that is the word, I’m Ok.

MzVick: Tell me about your journey

Beauty: I guess the word is life-changing cuz life has changed

MzVick: Did you have any strategies before going into the house?

Beauty: I actually had no strategies and I think that is the biggest mistake. I walked in as Beauty, the one who was just willing to see the boy or girl next door and just vibe.

MzVick: Who would you say would probably be like the most memorable friend coming out of Big Brother’s house?

Beauty: My brother Khalid, My Daddy Kezz and Cyph.

MzVick: Do you think you lost your head in the game?

Beauty: Yes, I did, the whole Groovy situation. It’s obvious. I probably should have moved more with my head and not my heart cuz even Kezz told me I was using my heart more.

MzVick: Do you feel you developed some real emotions towards Groovy?

Beauty: I was real to him from beginning to end and he knows that.

MzVick: Were you guys official?

Beauty: Yes, after the first Saturday thing, we had a conversation and he told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. We agreed that we were not going to involve other housemates because everybody was in our business.

MzVick: You were not going to share Groovy right?

Beauty: Of course, even outside the house, I’m not going to share anybody I’m with. He was even more territorial than I was but I was the expressive one. He had a problem with kezz and Khalid cuz they were close to me.

MzVick: We saw mostly your side of the relationship and not his. Do you think he was returning the same energy?

Beauty: Yes, Of course, when we are together, the energy is different.

MzVick: Why was Chomzy in particular the main issue?

Beauty: It wasn’t about Chomzy, it was about him and I made it clear to him. There were buildup situations to this from the arena when I saw him talking to Chomzy.

At the second party, I went to Groovy and asked him why he was not having fun. He asked me who he shouldn’t dance with and I told him don’t dance with Chomzy. So it was just a petty girly kind of thing. Then I’m outside and I come in and he is there with Chomzy. And the explanation is she dragged him, even if they drag you, are you furniture?

Do other boys not come to me and I remove myself. The day Kezz kissed my forehead, he said he didn’t like it and the next time Kezz tried to do that I removed myself. Kezz even noticed it and told Groovy after the pool party that I was just like a sister to him. So if you tell me you don’t want something and I avoid it, why can’t you do the same?

Beauty says she prays Groovy wins. Before she left, they were official, there were official but right now, he really doesn’t know. That will only be decided when Groovy is out of the house.

According to Beauty, if Hermes was in their house, she would have probably been more attracted to Hermes than Groovy. She added that Hermes even shot his shot but she told him Groovy was in the picture.

In level 1, she is rooting for Doyin and Hermes. In level 2, she is rooting for Kezz, Khalid, Phyna and Groovy.

She equally apologized to the viewers for leaving the game the way she did.


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